I’m having a really tough time dealing with post show depression and missing my cast who are still at the theatre working on their next show. If you could send me whatever that may make me smile, that would be lovely.


8 Original Newsies Cast Members

Back in Japan! I seriously miss New Hampshire and my cast of Miss Saigon :( Like, I feel so depressed right now. I’ve never missed a group of people this much before. 



is this heathers



Trailer for the current West End production of Miss Saigon.


I’m really liking the new West End programme! What do you guys think?
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Obsessed with the lighting in our show.

Obsessed with the lighting in our show.

So I was talking to Taylor, who’s my scene partner in one of the songs in Miss Saigon, about Newsies on Broadway. And he was saying that he once sent a letter to Jeremy Jordan and that he got a signed trading card. I told him that I made a doll for him and Taylor goes, “are you that girl who makes the animal dolls for the cast?” (or something like that) and we both FREAK OUT. 

He’s even seen my silly tutorial video. Who knew I would meet someone who knows my fangirl life at summerstock in New Hampshire. 


Alex Wyse + Newsies

I’m kinda glad my parents aren’t seeing me in Miss Saigon cause really, if they saw what I do in the show, they would have a heart attack. 


Does anyone have a King and I bootleg or the cast recording? I would really appreciate if you could send them to me.





Y’all should totally just take this quiz I just made

Wow what a fucking surprise wow I can’t believe this wow /end sarcasm.

Guess who I got?


guess who i got

Sorry that I haven’t been active on here for the past week! I am currently in New Hampshire rehearsing a show :)